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AUTOTRANS – Pioneer in the Digital claims for damages: E-PV Application

AUTOTRANS – Pioneer in the Digital claims for damages: E-PV Application

Automotive: Digital Situational analysis for Autotrans Vehicle logistics

The Company Autotrans Vehicle Logistics, specialized in the maritime transport of vehicles for the Automotive Manufacture Companies, has embarked in a test phase of a secure digital solution to carry out its inventory in the Ports of Santander and Zeebrugge , and manage the handling of damaged vehicles. Port agents are equipped on their smartphone with an application developed by the French start-up WP.

As soon as a vehicle damage is detected, a situational analysis can be generated in a few clicks, and a secure report, with time-stamped and geo-located photos, is directly integrated into the report. Everything is filed on a protected server, with cloud data available to the people concerned in the Supply Chain Transport.

According to WP, this digital solution saves 50% of support time compared to a paper based report, while ensuring full transparency to its customers. JLR

Read the article published on the site: Supply Chain Magazine of 19/10/2017

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